so…let’s begin

I’ve been here and I’ve been there. I’ve seen this and I’ve seen that. I’ve read this and I’ve read that. I’ve done this and I’ve done that. There are no surprises here. No revelations. Nothing profound. This is simply an exhibit to show that I can discuss any topic that I want to without really divulging anything.

Maybe that’s bullshit. Maybe I will divulge something here and there. It is, after all, words that I am writing down to construct a(n) (in)complete thought. The thought originates in the chaos of the synapses located within my barley battered brain. My brain that has for the past 31 odd years been getting me out of and in to some weird shit.

That is probably what I will use this forum for. To vomit on the page some of the weird shit that I think. It could be about politics. It could be about entertainment. It could be about sports on television. It could be about nothing. I take suggestions as well. That is just an aside.

The introductions are usually weak. It’s the meat and potatoes that most people look forward to. From here on out, until I get bored or cease to be, I will provide a bit more substance to the random, nonsensical shit that churns in my head.

please to enjoy


  1. With a little Mike Hansen in your mouth?


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