What Would Jesus Do?

Beautiful days are beautiful. Beautiful women are beautiful. Beautiful souls are beautiful. Life is beautiful. The saying is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Is beauty then not universal? Is there no objectively beautiful woman on the planet? I just tried to objective women. Beautiful women are beautiful.

If everyone has a sense of what is beautiful then the world should be a much better place. It has to be a better place. I’m sure some cynics would ask about how a blind person knows what beauty is. Beautiful souls are beautiful. I wish that some people would take a few minutes out of their day to realize what beauty is. Otherwise they are just being ugly.

There are too many “individuals” out in the world today, facing their own narcissism, to realize that even if someone is different or has different views or dresses different or speaks different that they are not beautiful. Humanity is beautiful. The very idea that man or woman can read this string of words and take meaning to it is beautiful. We are all human. Humans are beautiful.

I believe Jesus preached the same message. It makes me wonder why it is that the very people who claim to love his message and live a life by it can find so much hatred in their hearts to find their human family ugly. Homosexuals are human. Heterosexuals are human. Muslims are human. Democrats are human. Arabs are human. Socialists are human. Women are human. Humans are beautiful.

Have you ever seen those bracelets. Like the yellow ones that say livestrong. They have ones that read “WWJD?” What would Jesus do? If you follow scriptures literally, he would love anyone and everyone. Even gays. Even straights. Even Muslims. Even liberals. Even Arabs. Even Socialists. Even chicks. So what would Jesus do? He would find the beauty in his fellow human. Humans are beautiful.

Please to enjoy.

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