Through the Eyes of Children

The world through a child’s eyes has to be a nice world. A world without prejudgement. A world without hatred. A world without dread. A nice world. One where hope is eternal. My daughter is almost four. She is in the “why” stage. Every “why” question is followed with a “why?” “Why are you eating that? Why did you do that? Why are you pooping? Why are you fat? Why did you fart in your pants?” Why. Why. Why.

In addition to the why’s, everything is eternal to her. There is no finality with her. No mortality. “Ken, it’s time to go brush your teeth and go potty.” I say. “No. I’m going to sit here forever.” “K Skye, please eat your dinner.” “No. I’m not going to eat forever.” With a cynical quip, I tell her that if she’s not going to eat, she might as well start smoking and do blow. Her eyebrow raises and she lets a sigh of confusion out. No prejudgement.

Through children’s eyes you see the world of drunk sincerity you get at a new years party or office party or typical Tuesday night for some. The filter is gone. Everything that fires across their tiny synapses shoots directly out of their dumb mouths. I mean that lovingly. Kids are just inherently stupid. They have no education nor experience. They speak their minds, if you will. You can ask a child if the shirt that you are wearing is ugly. They will tell you their honest opinion. “Yes, daddy. That’s not beautiful.” Now, you have to take into account that kids are idiots and weigh the sincerity with lack of fashion sense. It’s a tough balancing act, but as you get older, you’ll get better at it. Now, with me, I could care less what an ignorant little puke will think of my shirt. I will wear it anyway. I’m more interested to know whether my wife, friends or coworkers will let me know.

This is the beauty. I’m preoccupied with purposefully manipulating someone to see whether or not they are honest, while children only care that you are conversing with them. A child can converse with nearly anyone. As long as their van has windows and their palms aren’t perpetually sweaty, I suppose. They can sit down and begin the interview. “Why is your hair short? Why are your eyes blue? What do you have in your shirt? Is it a tire? Where’d you get the tire? Do you have a car? My dad has a car. His car is nice. Is your car nice? Do you have a good job like my dad? He makes a lot of money. He buys mommy things? Do you buy your mommy things? Do you have a mommy? I have two mommies. One is only around when my other mommy is at work. She takes a lot of baths. Do you take baths? I have to take a bath every night.” So on and so forth.

Why do kids act this way? Because they are stupid. They are so stupid that they need to ask every minute question just to see if it gets answered the same way every time. Want to mess with a kid. When they ask you if you have a glass a milk, after they saw you pour the milk, just answer no. It’s water. Any whosel, they do this to understand the world. To gain knowledge so they can grow to love cynicism and hatred and prejudice. Through their eyes, they don’t see that.

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