Three Shots of Whiskey

As the ice melts and the condensation runs down the side of the glass, I swallow the delicious blend of Irish whiskey and cola. For a moment. A small moment, it eases the pain of my swelling brain. But then the pain comes rushing back. I feel as though my brain will burst and ooze out of my ear.

The whiskey begins to take effect. I begin to feel delightfully light headed. A buzz fills the room. It’s in my body. It’s in the air. It feels like my body is in the air. I see myself. I am staring at my drink. At the sweat on the glass. My eyes are glassy. They look distant. I feel distant. I feel like I’m floating further and further away.

Then I see you. There you are. You’re staring at me. But, why are you staring at me? You have a slight smirk. You aren’t talking though. I didn’t even know you were here. Do I have something on my face? I struggle to wipe my face. It is harder than I thought. My hands are heavy from the whiskey and my coordination has suffered.

I open my mouth to say hello. I drool and slur my words. The words fall out of my mouth and on to the table. You don’t say anything back. You simply stare back and raise your arm towards me. A bright flash. A migraine. I hear you walk behind me. A pop. The headache jumps to the back of my head. I spill my whiskey. I go to sleep.

Please to enjoy

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