Time After Time we Show our True Colors

There was a time. Perhaps there always was a time and there will always be a time. A time to reflect on the choices that we ourselves and the people before us have made. Choices that, for better or worse, changed the course of humanity. If you are inclined to believe in free will, that is. I made a choice. I made choices. I chose to choose.

My parents made a choice 41 years ago. They chose to get married. They were engaged weeks after they started dating. I copied that tradition 30 years after they did that, by the by. My parents were at dinner party weeks after dating. My mom stood up and announced that her and my dad were getting married. Amazingly, my dad didn’t freak the fuck out. So they were married on June 26th, 1971. Far out.

A year later they welcome their behemoth of a baby. Seriously, she was huge. 10 pounder. She’s not huge now a days. Just a normal 39 year old woman. Two years later, they had another baby. Another girl. Another choice to procreate. Another change in humanity. Three years later, the third baby. The third girl. The forgotten girl. Literally forgotten a few places. I guess those were choices that my parents and other sisters had made. She’s not forgotten now. In a couple of short months, she’ll have the biggest family in the family.

Four years after the three years after the two after the one, my parents made one of the best choices they ever did. My dad started the year by quitting smoking. In a typical Dicky fashion, he thought about the financials of smoking before the health risks. But cold turkey and 31 years later, he is still smoke free. He closed the year by welcoming the best christmas present since little baby Jesus. I was brought into the world the day after christmas in 1980. I had an eight year old sister, a six year old sister and a three year old sister. My parents only wanted a boy. And they finally got one after the fourth try.

Thirty one years later, they are celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary. Sure there were a lot of highs, like the birth of their son. Sure, there were a lot of lows. Parents lost, financial troubles, a couple of moves, dead pets, broken cars, injured children, shit head children, severe chronic illness to name a few. But 41 years later, this dysfunction that I grew up in, continues. Now my children get to experience some of the same things that I experienced as a child. My parents are the same people, they just have older skin now.

So, as I reflect on the choices that my parents made, I choose to reflect on the happiness they showed me and the guidance they provided. They changed the course of humanity. For better, I like to think. They created this beautiful family that continues to spawn and populate the midwest. Happy anniversary parents. Thanks for choosing me.

Please to enjoy.

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