Pyscho Illogical

“OK. Yes, we are bored. We’re all bored now. But has it ever occurred to you Wally that the process that creates this boredom that we see in the world now may very well be a self-perpetuating, unconscious form of brainwashing, created by a world totalitarian government based on money, and that all of this is much more dangerous than one thinks? and it’s not just a question of individual survival Wally, but that somebody who’s bored is asleep, and somebody who’s asleep will not say no?” – Andre Gregory, My Dinner with Andre

I’m bored. I’m always bored. I will always be bored. Must be the reason that I am so good at sleeping. I do say no, though. It is important you say no. If you never say no, or never stand up to anyone you will be walked over and fed to the pigs. The pigs will take advantage and chew you to the core, gluttonly devouring everything that is yours and keeping it for themselves.

They have been trying this for over 30 years now. Andre had the foresight to explain it. He explained it to his dear, playwrite friend, Wally. Wally was happy. Andre was miserable. He had learned too much. He went away happy and came back more knowledge. With more knowledge brings more misery. The misery of learning of corporatism, the misery of greed, the misery of narcissism, the misery of the collective serving the richer collective.

What I am really bored with is partisanship. My team is better than your team is better than your man is better than my man is better than my health is better than your health is better than your paycheck is better than my paycheck and so on and so forth. Partisanship is leading to the demise of America. Not republicans. Not democrats. Not libertarians. Not mexicans. Not african americans. Not white anglo saxon protestors. Partisanship. This is a psychological condition that has subscribers of one party’s belief system blinded to the benefits or strengths of the opposing party at any cost.

Example. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) declared in November 2010 that “our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term.” Pyschoillogical. Rather than address an ailing country where the unemployment rate was over 9% and gas prices were soaring, they made it their priority to oust a president because he has a different philosophy on how to get things done and how to care for the country.

I’m bored. I’m bored by Sean Hannity. Bill O’Reilly. Al Franken. Michael Moore. I’m bored with it. I’m bored with your man Mitch. I’m bored with Rahm Emmanuel. The unconscious brainwashing is flowing through the TV screen and into our dumb, fat heads. Now it is even been beat into our obese eyeballs all over the internet. I’m bored with the Drudge Report. I’m bored with the Huffington Post.

People have this need to identify themselves with something. I’m a Democrat. I’m a Republican. You guys are idiots, I’m a Libertarian. I’m liberal. I’m conservative. Guess what? I’m an American. I am a fat, white American. I live in the United States. I vote for candidates that I like. I complain about others. I was only embarrassed by one president. But we all were. That is behind us. And now, I am bored as hell with all of this. All I ask for is for civil rights, transparency and a little astroglide when public office master baits and switches screwing you and your family (Wisconsin).

No one will ever agree. Jesus was a socialist. Hitler was a monarchist. Obama is a Democrat. Romney is a republican. But enough with this crap. I’m bored. Obama is an American. Romney is an American. Who ever wins will be an American.

Please to enjoy.


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