Stereotypical Post about Racism

Every once in awhile something comes along and catches your eye. You stop everything you are doing and tell the man inside you that, “Wow. Did you see that?” Did you see what just happened. The man inside you thinks for a bit and decides that it is entirely possible that you have seen that before, but it was unlikely and seemed very unique.

Do you know that feeling? I suppose it is in between the lungs, just above the miles of shit and below the heart. Maybe it’s the stomach. Maybe it’s its own thing. But there is a feeling there. A physical response to a psychological observation. But, of course observations can only be psychological. You may feel like feeling someone feel you is an observation, but the observation of observing the feeling of someone feel you is just a feeling. A physical response.

Does your mind play tricks? Is there a matrix controlling all of synapses? I think that the mind plays dirty games. You will see what you want to see. Republicans see what they want. Democrats see what they want. Gun owners see what they want. Intelligent people see what they want. We all do it and it is the mind controlling it. Our minds are prejudice. It is biology. It is a survival mechanism to be prejudice.

Now prejudice and racism, even though they share attributes, are not the same thing. You can’t be racist without being prejudice, but you can be prejudice without being racist. Example. You can see a white man walking down the street. He has no sleeves and several tattoos. One of the tattoos is a confederate flag. He has chewing tobacco in his lip. He has a stringy goatee and a camouflage hat on. He wears tan working boots. Even though he lives in the “north,” he has a southern drawl. After reading this you probably would have judged that this man listens to country, likes Chik-Fil-A and is racist.

Is it racist to prejudge this man? No. You would have to assume that all white males acted in this fashion. So, it is possible to be prejudice without being racist. But did your mind fill in gaps? What if I told you that this man does not listen to country music, is in a healthy homosexual relationship and his tattoo was an homage to the civil war and the loss of life this country saw because of racism? We see what we want to see. We didn’t see a sweet man, that donates his time to the elderly and builds homes for the under privileged on the weekends. We saw a man that hates queers and thinks all mexicans steal his jobs and should be shot because they don’t speak the language that we have forced most of the world to speak.

So, what did you tell the man inside of you? Were you surprised because you saw what appeared to be stereotypical redneck was actually a sweet, homosexual man dedicated to his community? If you stopped a moment and lifted your eyes from the god damned phone, you may see something that you have never seen before.

Please to enjoy.

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