No More Chaos Theory

Lines. Basic, beautiful lines. How can something so simple, be so delicious? How can a straight line, bring so much order to the world? It makes the complicated, reasonable. It makes the idiotic, sensical. It brings a calm over the hectic and busy lives of the humanity inhabiting the planet today.

Most people are attracted to curves. Women are curvy. Mountains are curvy. The ocean curves. The earth is round. It rotates in an elipses around the sun. The sun is in a galaxy that is in an expanding universe. Nothing is straight there. There are no lines. Only complex strings that define a dynamic multiverse. No order. There is no order without lines.

Thinking about that causes my heart to slightly flutter and shorten my breath. I find it hard to breathe. Where is my breath? My heart is starting to pound. My circadium rythym goes from Abba to the Descendants in seconds. My throat closes. Shit. Sweat. Gasp. Gulp. No. I grunt and sweat profusely. My chest hurts. Why does it hurt so bad? I’m scared. I need to breathe faster. I need to breathe. It hurts. No. In. Lines. Out. In. Lines. Out. In. Lines. Out. I’m out.

I lay on the ground. I look to the sky that is full of clouds. The clouds are random and fluid. I look around and see a bird. I see another, then another and then another. A vee. They are flying in a vee. Two straight lines. It’s gorgeous. It’s efficient. Stunning. These birds, who inherently have no intelligence, have learned to restore order to a chaotic planet that dangles in one of many universes.

Early on in our academic lives we learn that lines are the shortest distance between two points. Then why do you not pay attention to this. When I see a pen next to another pen, doesn’t it make more sense to line the pens up? When you mo the yard, doesn’t it make sense to keep the lines straight, same with vacuuming. The lines are more appealing and bring a sense of serenity over the senility of our superficial culture.

When sit at a table you may notice that I am unfocused. In my personal picture show, or I am concentrating on how to get the lines that aren’t there yet, there. I need those lines. I need to stop the screaming and panic in my body. I will play and fidget until I think it is right. If you come by and interrupt the progress I have made, I may start over. Then my focus and attention are gone again until I can bring it to myself to pay attention to you. It’s so basic and beautiful.

Please to enjoy.

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