Equally Not Clever

In 2002 I came up with a story about a man named Brenden. Brenden read Thus Spoke Zarathustra in high school. A couple of years before his time. It’s a philosophical book written by a philosopher that was philosophically sick when he wrote it. It was about self-fulfilling prophesy and how this high school man exploited it and planned his death as Nietzsche said you could.

His mom was obsessed with lists. She wrote everything on a post-it note for him. Brenden do this, Brenden do that. He obliged and made his own list. He based it off of movies. Scareface, Sliver, Life Stinks, Chasing Amy, etc., bull shit, etc. He aimlessly wandered through this crap until he fulfilled this list and ending up rear ending a semi, ending his pathetic life.

I have written four scripts under this premise. Each one more confusing than the next. Each one skipping details that would have made it successful and four hours long. It wasn’t working. The relationship he had with his high school girlfriend, Sara was not interesting. His relationship with a stripper named Destiny, was equally not clever.

I worked out last week at work. Yes, I work out. I try to be somewhat healthy in my fat laden and alcohol induced diet. I was taking a shower in our “locker room.” My mind was void of everything as it usually is. Especially after failing after little weight lifted. I closed the dirty curtain and stood in the luke warm water. I grabbed the disgusting community soap and lathered my hands to wash my horrible face. I brought the suds to my face and brushed them against my face.

I stopped. My gaze went blank. My brain stopped. It then cranked and went wild. I couldn’t stop it. It went from page one to 110 in less than five seconds. Brenden’s parents suck. The stripper sucks. The list sucks. Change the list. Brenden is in college now. He wants to experience everything there can be out of life. He’s takes philosophy. His professor is teaching Thus Spoke Zarathustra. He challenges him to write a list. He bases his list off of his roommate’s parent’s life.

He knocks up Sara, but Sara doesn’t tell him. He knocks up a girl Ashley simultaneously. He kills her in a car accident. He is bed ridden. He confesses to cheating. Sara forgives him, tells him about his new family. He loves her. He dies.

I ruined it for you. Sorry about that. My brain races and I have to catch up with it sometimes. It sometimes takes me 110 pages to catch up and I love it. I hope you love it when that draft is done. If you take anything away, read the book and think about what it would be like to take direction from someone who, by today’s standards, would be declared insane. I have thought about it.

Please to enjoy.

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