You Could be from Venus

Eight years ago today was a unseasonably cool day in central Indiana, much like today. It was a grey sky with blue sky potential. Our friends and family had come in from their respective comfortable places. Most of our family was there. Some were unable to make it. Some simply did not make it. Our friends made it. Most of them. One did not make it.

The morning started as most mornings do in Lafayette. Phil Tanner’s head was in a dog cage and Dave was on the floor. I was in Phil Tanner’s bed when my eyes opened. I was amazed about how I felt. I rang up a pretty sizable tab at Harry’s and Jakes and Brother’s and Stacks and the Cactus. But this morning I popped out of bed. I felt great and I was excited.

I gathered a couple of the guys and we went back to our apartment miles away from Phil’s apartment. I had just bought ROCK AGAINST BUSH: VOLUME 1 from Von’s. It was accompanied with a DVD. Jon Turner, Dave, Phil and I wanted to watch it. So, we did. We watched it on the DVD player in the living room of our apartment. Laura and her party came home from their party.They looked confused. We said hi and went back to watching the DVD as though nothing were out of place. They looked at us. We looked back. They dismissed us and we went to the hotel.

The hotel was attached the South Ballroom. The South Ballroom was luxurious. High ceilings and ornate architecture. It was old and reminded me of a classical movie. Laura and I were the stars. The prince and his new princess hosting a ball for all the land. We sat at the head table and overlooked our people, making sure they had a good time.

Shortly before that, Phil Tanner played Pachebel’s Cannon in D minor. My stomach sank. The butterflies then lifted my stomach and fluttered and flew. There she was. She emerged from the hall, by Lincoln’s bust. The most beautiful woman in the world, somehow became more beautiful. He dress flowed and her defined shoulders drew you into her beautiful smile. My joker was to become my wife.

My wife. It felt weird to say that then. I remember feeling weird saying it at first. Now, I would feel weird if I had to say something else. She is my wife. I love saying that. Our ceremony was less than 15 minutes long. I wrote it. There is nothing worse than witness someone become one for more than 15 minutes. Phil played the wedding march. Jon Turner introduced us to our people. We were one.

Back at our head table, it was hard not to smile ear to ear. It’s even harder to not smile while writing this. We drank champagne and laughed with our friends and family. Most of them anyway. Phil broke a bottle on the dance floor shortly before being engaged in a dance off with Brian. The dance off was legendary. Move after move was exchanged and a circle formed. Each move was better than the next and Phil went for the closer. Instead, he broke his chin open on the dance floor and wiped it on my shirt.

We ended the night at Harry’s, like most nights. Laura accumulated two inches of dirt on her dress, but it was worth it. We went back to our room and talked with a Mexican and southern man all night to welcome in the morning.

Now, eight years later, that was the fastest day of my life, but I remember everything so clearly that it is a fast day that I can live over and over and over and smile and smile and smile. I love you, Laura. My wife. My partner. The MILF of our children. We became one to become four and I would not have it any other way. Thank you for saying yes. Thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for spending the past eight years with me. I love you, I love you.

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