The Passion of Josh Part 2

Josh met Peter at his house to officially start his campaign on Tuesday afternoon. Josh had been up preparing his platform and what his talking points were. They were simple. They were relevant. Peter sat at Josh’s small breakfast table.

“Alright, brother. What do you got? Town council? What?” Peter asked.




“What do you mean, President? President of what?”

“These United States.”

“Yo, have slept at all? Still drunk?”

“No. I am stone sober. Peter, this is the first clear thought I’ve had for years. No more banging nails in to the studs. No more manipulating people and taking advantage of their fears so I can make a quick buck.”

“That’s exactly what politics is. Manipulation.”

“It doesn’t have to be anymore. That’s my platform. No more catering to big companies or bowing down to money. It’s time for the people to take it back and return this country to what it was 230 some odd years ago. It’s time, Peter. Are you with me?”

“How are we going to pay for this?”

“With our blood, sweat and tears. We will hit the road and campaign with the people. We will take donations where they come. We will use Twitter, Facebook, whatever. We will take the power back and give it to the people. One nation under all of our respective gods.”

Peter’s hesitation was clear, but the conviction in Josh’s voice was calming. He liked what he was hearing. He began to picture what he was hearing. He looked Josh in the eye, trying to read any concern he could. He found none and agreed to begin.

They worked tirelessly through the night, drinking beer after beer. They slept in the living room. The next morning Peter went to build houses and Josh went to the town and stood in front of City Hall. He began to speak to anyone in earshot. He spoke of his plan and asked people to join him. No one seemed to react, but he spoke any way. After a long day, he was satisfied and returned home.

Peter was already in the apartment with a beautiful woman. They were talking about the Josh when he walked in.

“Oh, hey. Am I interrupting something?” Josh asked.

“No, we were actually just talking about the campaign. This is Mary.” Peter said. Mary stood up to shake Josh’s hand.

“Hi, I’m your new campaign manager, Mary.”

“You are beautiful.” There was an awkward silence. “Sorry. I was just not expecting someone like you to be here.”

“I’ll take that as it is. Are you ready to work?” She said.

“Of course. Beer?”

“Wine for me, thanks.”

“How are we paying you?” Josh asked.

“Pro bono. No worries.” Peter laughed.

“She said bono.” Josh said.


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