The Passion of Josh Part 3

Josh, Peter and Mary met in their new campaign office located on the downtown square. It was a small office that had a quaint reception area and a few desks. The threesome were sitting at a table. Mary was dressed in a pressed business suit, Peter was in his construction clothes and Josh was wearing a faded T-shirt and jeans.

“First bit of business. Josh, I am going to need you to start wearing collars and suits.” said Mary.

“I’m a man of the people.” he said.

“That is what we’re running on, but we need a man of the people to look like a leader.” Josh put his heads in his hands.

“Mary, if I may,” said Peter “Josh is a man of the people.”

“We covered that.” she sniped.

“Thanks, Peter. Mary. I don’t want to be another faceless suit, bullying my way to the top. I want the people to identify with me and listen to the message that we have. I want to wear what the people wear. I want to be the people.”

“I get it. But you still need to command the respect you deserve.”

“My stance on the topics will command respect. My ideology will command respect.”

“With all due ‘respect,’ the mainstream media will have a field day with a poorly dressed Jew.”

“Are we really Jewish?” Josh asked Peter. Peter shook his head as he didn’t know.”

“Miss? You know I actually don’t know your last name.”

“McNary.” She said.  The boys started laughing. “My last name is funny to you guys?”

“No.” said Peter. “But, Mary McNary is!”

“Look. I am doing this for free and I don’t have to be here. I really believe in what you are doing, but you have to listen to me. I know what I’m doing.”

“You really believe in what we’re doing?” asked Josh.

“I just said that.”

“If you believe. If you have faith in me, then let me be with the people, out among them. Accessible. Dressed with them. No suits. No collars. Unless, we get a televised debate or attend a wedding, funeral, graduation, whatever.”


“But, do you have faith in me?”

“I have faith in your cause.”

“Is my cause worth believing in me?”

“I suppose it is. Fine. You can dress like that for now. But, the second you start getting panned and being made a mockery of, I want you to know that I was record.”

“Duly noted.” Peter said. Josh nodded. “Do we have a problem with me running social media?” Peter added as he was typing away on his phone.

“Please run them by me first.” she said.

“Yeah, okay. Maybe after that one.”

“What did you write?” asked Josh.

“Hi, it’s Josh Baer. I wanna be your prez. Give a follow. The 100th follower gets a beer on me! Pls RT. Winky face. #BaerforPrez.”

“Are you kidding?” she asked.

“Just retweeted. Nice one, Peter.”

“We will run the next one by you, promise.” Peter said.

They leave the office after discussing the upcoming schedule. Mary secured a logo from an old college roommate and opened an official website, linking all the social media to the site. She then called and pulled a favor from the local radio station to have Josh come on the next morning.


Please to enjoy.

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