Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon

It’s weird when things happen. Yes, I know the cryptic vagueness is less than desirable, but it’s a sting of days on a calendar that things are happening. What are things? Nouns, I suppose. Things are anything. Well, not anything.

1.a material object without life or consciousness; an inanimate object.

2. some entity, object, or creature that is not or cannot be specifically designated or precisely described: The stick had a brass thing on it.

3. anything that is or may become an object of thought: things of the spirit.
4. things, matters; affairs: Things are going well now.
5. a fact, circumstance, or state of affairs: It is a curious thing.
according to

How can something so simple, be so complicated and diverse? It is a curious thing that matters. I’ve thought long and hard about what that thing was on that inanimate object. If you do sit down and think about it, our life is driven by things. It is our forethought and our backthought. It is instinctual and learned. It satisfied Maslow’s need to make a list of human’s needs.

Today, September 5th, 2012, my sister and her husband brought a thing into the world. Sweet Adeline Marie emerged from my sister’s thing and was greeted by a bunch of things looking closely at her in admiration and joy. Congratulations to Shauna and Cameron on the beautiful miracle. Our family is fortunate to have some many people who love each other, unconditionally and genuinely enjoy spending time together.

When people tell me about their families and how there is nothing there and they don’t get a long or speak it makes me wonder that other people are sad for them. I’m not sociopathic, I just prefer to have real emotional reactions to things that are particular to me. Back to that thing. She already looks like her sister and two other brothers. You know that she is my sister and brother-in-law’s child. That is a beautiful thing. It’s like when Kennedy smiles when her mom is at work and I see Laura smiling at me.

My immediate family has grown to 22 members. I’m not sure that number will be slowing down anytime soon. I believe my mother’s children are done, but her grandchildren are soon becoming real, alive adults. That is a scary, scary thought. A beautiful and scary thought. In one aspect, I’m aging at a fast rate, but at the second, I’m a reliving childhood, through these children. It’s pretty fun, actually. 21-year-old me would have laughed and said something smart ass and continued to make fun.

I’ve grown since then and have learned some things. Things that have molded who I am. Things that have made me the father and husband that I am. A husband to a woman who has had a thing happen to her. She has been working for three weeks at her new job. He boss is leaving and moving. She will replace her boss. That is pretty boss.

This is about Sweet Adeline, bom, bom, ba. Welcome to the family. You will learn that a quick wit is necessary. You will learn that sensitivity is everywhere. You will learn that love is possible. You will learn that love is unconditional. You will learn that no secret is safe. You will learn that some of us shake, some of us drink, some of us eat, most are conservative, two of us are liberal (the cool ones), some of us bleed cubbie blue, some of us bleed colt blue (the fair weather ones), some of us bear down, some of us are very succesful, all of us are successful, some of us play sports, some of us are academic, all of us are fun.

Congratulations again to Shauna and Cameron and Aidan and Owen and Maya. Sweet Adeline, you will be best friends and biggest enemies with your sister and two brothers, but that goes away fairly quickly. Before you know it. You will be sitting around a living room drinking beer or a Mike Hansen and joking with Maya as she is pregnant or nursing her child. To a long and healthy life. Slainté.

Please to enjoy.

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