Successful Toddler Angst

Success in America is measured by monetary and materialistic gain and other intangibles such as notoriety and fame. The more money and toys you have, the more successful you have become. The more airtime you receive, the more successful you are. Success. Fame. Fortune.The Dream.

I like money. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind a bit of notoriety. But, I don’t know. I just don’t think of success that way. I never really did. Having children may have solidified my stance. It didn’t formulate my stance, yet put it into practice. I take a very simple and instinctual stance on success. Don’t die and advance the human race.

All humans. Not just liberal ones, conservative ones, christian ones, jewish ones, atheist ones, muslim ones, american ones, canadian ones, european ones, asian ones, african ones, south american ones. All humans. Together we’ve accomplished some cool shit. Alone we have taken some of the progress away. To be successful is to progress. To be successful, one must be progressive, not regressive.

I consider being successful an easy thing to do. It may be why I carry virtually no stress. My worries are minuscule compared to others I know that are motivated by money and materials. You may respond with cynicism citing the fact that I have money, so of course there is no reason to worry about it. Yes, I have money. Not a lot, but enough. Just a few years ago, I was living paycheck to paycheck, but still carried little stress. If you believe you’ll be okay, you will.

I’m raising two, pretty awesome kids right now. I’m successful to this point. They are happy (with occasional toddler angst). They are healthy (the boy has a dietary need, but is not in serious jeopardy). They are intelligent (as smart as mental midgets can be). They are succeeding (I have knocked on wood while writing, by the by).

I’m successful. I’m not going to regress. I’m not going to change the progress that has been made. I’m not going to go and tell a woman how to treat her body. I’m not going to tell a woman that she can’t have access to healthcare because their facilities may or may not provide abortions. I am not going to tell two human being that love each other that they have no human rights. They are humans! I’ve heard that a man who lived 2000 year ago said “love thy neighbor,” for christ’s sake. I’m not going to tell autoworkers that they are shit out of luck because we failed them. I am going to do my best to help them and make sure they succeed to advance the human race. I am not going to take away the right to receive medical attention, because a profit center wants your money and not your health. I am not going to tell a human being to uproot their family because they look different than me.

I wasn’t brought up that way. I was brought up to love and know the true meaning of success. I wasn’t brought up to worship money. I wasn’t brought up to worship materials. I was brought up to be kind. To progress. To be successful.

Please to enjoy.

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