Feeble, Fragile Minds

“Surrealism  had a great effect on me because then I realised that the imagery in my mind  wasn’t insanity. Surrealism to me is reality.” John Lennon

What is real? What is perception? What is valid? What is void? What is reality? What is surreal? Is it true that the most insane are the most enlightened? I would have to agree with Einstein. Doing the same thing over and over again is the simplest form of insanity. Yet, most of us fall victim to that very notion. Wake up. Scratch. Piss on the floor. Piss in the toilet. Wipe up piss. Scratch. Shower. Scratch. Brush teeth. Drink coffee. Go to work. Come home. Scratch. Eat dinner. Scratch. Drink cocktail. Go to bed. Scratch.

Nothing changes, except maybe the frequency of scratches and urination. Same result. Same outcome. We’re insane. We’re losing it. I’m not complaining, mind you. I am merely pointing out the fact that insanity is a human invention. Much like most things on this planet, humans invent something to explain away mystery and ignorance. Religion, history, medicine, science, math, etc… All invented by humans to explain away phenomena and other occurrences that their feeble, fragile minds could not fathom.

So, what makes a sane man diagnosing an insane man, the definition of sanity? Why does he get to make that determination? The insane man may have the key to the universe, but since he thinks differently than the sane man, he is locked away and mocked. He is different. We must oppress anyone different from us. Than the normal ones. The normal ones make all the rules. The normal ones make up religion. The normal ones make up history. The normal ones create medicine. The normal ones amend science. The normal ones rely on math. That is normal. That is not abnormal.

Dreamers are insane. They live inside their mind. They see things in void space and make sense of them. I can see people having conversations in my head. I can see their history as well. Where they came from and where they will go. Does this make me insane? I would tend to think not, but then how do I know? How do you know? I don’t interact with these people. Perhaps that is part of it. I can decipher that they aren’t “real.” I’ve never thought that one of my characters had an organic body. I know this. I perceive this as what reality is. I can pretend and differentiate from pretend time and consciousness.

But, when I pass a person on the street that is acting irrationally, am I not that one that is irrational? In this occurrence I have just as much chance at being insane as that person. But, when another person walks by acting in the same manner as me, that decreases my chance at being insane. Add another person and less of a chance. The masses dictate rationality.

If everyone is doing it too, then it must be okay and sane. Now I understand where religion, history, medicine, science, math, etc. come from. They come from humans inability to accept the fact that some things can just simply not be explained. It is not for us. It was never meant to be for us. The narcissism of the human race is what leads to the need to classify everything. Rather than leave something classless, humans need to put it in a column to describe it in an attempt to understand. Label me insane, but I don’t need this anymore. I can survive, and quite happily, by refusing to play to the masses.

I still get angry
I still get sad
And the losers still drive me mad
And I wonder

If I have anything to say anymore
Oh yeah I wonder if i have anything to say
Except the masses are asses
They’re all asses

Things still piss me off
And things still make me cry
Poetry’s  in motion but not in mind
Poetry’s in motion but not in my mind
Poetic justice will come in time

And I just have to laugh
I just have to laugh
– L7 – The Masses are Asses

Please to enjoy.




  1. “We must oppress anyone different from us.” No words have been more true–and sad. And when you said “Dreamers are insane” I see nothing wrong with that. It takes a little bit of insanity to live in this world—and dreaming is part of that package. I like this journal entry. It has great meaning for me.

    • I’m glad it rang home. I know my cynicism and circular language isn’t the easiest to follow at times…



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