Mourning Skye: Chapter 2 (part 1)

Angeline sloppily pulled a cigarette from her purse and nearly broke the cigarette as she put it to her lips. She took a few steps and then reached back into her large black, leather purse for her lighter. She continued walking forward as she foraged for the lighter. She brought the purse up closer to her face and looked in as she moved the items inside her purse. Angeline had all of Skye’s characteristics except that she dyed her hair a deep shade of blue. She was tall and slender and had freckles speckling her face. Her eyes were a deep shade of blue to match her hair. Her eyes weren’t listless, rather enthusiastic dampened by the drunkenness of draft beer. Her face was beautiful and her skin was soft with youth. She accentuated her eyes with liner and let the rest of her beauty shine naturally.

She found the lighter and as she was bringing the yellow Bic lighter out of the purse her foot hit a curb and she stumbled forward and the lighter crashed to the sidewalk with three bounces and rested near Sammy’s feet.

Sammy bent over and picked up the lighter and gave it to Angeline who was nervously laughing. Sammy was Angeline’s best friend since the fourth grade. Sammy was a few inches shorter than Angeline and weighed the same. Her weight was carried in her bra which would normally make her the object of many men’s affections, but she did not have a face that carried the same attraction. It wasn’t ugly by most standards, it was just something that, with Sammy’s clothes, she paid much attention to. She wore loose clothing and hardly ran a brush through her reddish, brown hair. “You alright, Leeny?” Sammy rubbed Angeline’s back she finally managed to light the cigarette. Angeline exhaled and smiled at Sammy.

“My mom’s gonna be pissed.” She said.

“I think she’ll understand.” Sammy responded.

“Understand what? Her daughter is drunk and her other one fucking slashed her wrists.”

“I think she’ll understand that you’re drunk. I don’t think anyone will ever really understand the other thing.”

“We all understand. She was fucked up.” Angeline blurted. She took a long drag of her cigarette and blew the smoke up towards the crisp air. She stumbled again and Sammy took her arm to steady her and they walked down the sidewalk arm in arm.

“Do we really understand it though?” Sammy questioned.

“What?” Angeline’s inebriated eyes slowly shifted their way towards Sammy’s.

“Do we really understand what your sister was going through? I mean why she killed herself.” Angeline stopped and faced Sammy. Her arm was still locked with Angeline’s. Angeline put a hand on Sammy’s face.

“Oh, Samantha. You’re so sweet and innocent. I hope you meet a good guy someday.” Angeline began her stumble again and Sammy’s hand fell to her side as she stayed there. After a few heavy steps, Sammy continued after her.

“I’m not that sweet.” Sammy said.

“What?” Angeline’s drunken auto-response answered.

“I’m not that innocent either.” She insisted.

“And that’s why I love you. You don’t want to be, but you just naturally are. You’re good for me. I mean, I mean I’m fucking horrible for you, but you, babe. You are a good soul. A really good soul. I need that.” Sammy smiled at Angeline’s drunk sincerity.

“Everyone is a good soul, Leeny. Everyone means well for the most part. Don’t you think? Well, every sane person I should say. I guess there are those people with imbalances or what-nots, but every normal, sane, rational person is a good soul. You are a good soul. Great soul, I’d even say.” Angeline drunkenly laughed. “This guy over here with the big bushy beard is probably a good soul. God knows the fine, chiseled piece with him is a good soul.” She said as they walked past the coffee shop.

“Damn. I kind of hope he is a dirty soul, if you know what I mean,” Angeline said hitting Sammy with her elbow.

“I do know what you mean. I do know what you mean. I told you that I’m not that innocent.”

“What does that mean? What does that even mean that you’re not that innocent?”

“What do you think it means, bitch?”

“I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking, idiot.” She said while chuckling.

“I’ve gotten down a little.” Sammy’s face began to blush a little.

“With what, your knuckle?” Angeline joke. Sammy pushed her.

“Shut up, bitch. No.”

“Fucking vibrator? What?”

“Yes, but no! That’s not what I’m talking about.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You cannot tell anyone.” Sammy pleaded with Angeline.

“Are we in high school?”

“No. But it’s funny that you mention that.”

“It was someone from high school?” Angeline excitedly asked.

“Maybe. Well, yes. But I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“Fuck you, you don’t want to talk about it. Who was it?”

“Remember that special kid with the really thick glasses and the bald spot of the side of his head?” Sammy asked.

“Wait, what? You fucked Mikey Magoo?”

Please to enjoy.

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