Mourning Skye: Chapter 2 (part 3)

“Then why the back story?” Angeline asked.

“Did you listen to any of it?”

“Great point.”

“I know it’s a great point, that’s why I told it. It pretty much has soggy as hell thinking about it.”

“You’re a lovely woman, have I ever told you that?” Angeline pulled Sammy into her tightly as they walked, hugging and stumbling along.

“You have. But I never get tired of it.” Sammy smiled back. Angeline stopped suddenly and brought her purse back up to her face. Sammy whipped to a stop. She rustled about and brought a cigarette to her lips and reached back into the bag blindly looking for the lighter. As she pulled it out it fell to the ground and bounced three times and came to a rest at Sammy’s feet. Sammy bent down and picked it up for her and in one motion lit Angeline’s cigarette. Angeline held Sammy’s wrist as she lit the cigarette.

“Thank you, love. I don’t know what I would do without you,” Angeline exhaled. Sammy softly smiled.

“You would find another foul-mouthed whore to light your cigarettes for you.”

“That’s probably true. That’s probably true,” she repeated. “Speaking of being such a whore, finish the story.”

“Where was I?”

“Jason’s dick was in your mouth,” Angeline sneered.

“Yes, that glorious dick. So, I totally went down on him in the car after knowing him for like two hours. He did his thing, I wasn’t expecting it and totally spit it all over his pants.”

“That shit comes out fast.”

“No, duh. People really need to tell you that before the first time you do it,” Sammy said.

“Totally agree. Maybe we should make some PSAs for all the girls in high school.”

“And some of the guys as well. It is the 21st century after all.”

“Great point. So, then you blew and then what?”

“Well, the next time I was at Mikey’s house he was there. I felt awkward around him. It was the first time I was in the same room with a guy that I had seen his dick, you know? It was weird. On top of that he blew a load in mouth, you know? I was like quietly freaking out.”

“Totally. That’s kind of how I was.”

“Right. But he totally sensed it and came right over to me and asked if I wanted to grab a cup of coffee after I was done tutoring.”

“How grown up of him.” Angeline joked.

“Extremely. But by coffee, he meant go back to his green sports car, play with my tits and take my virginity.”

“No way, you did it in the back of the car?” Angeline slapped her arm. Sammy started laughing.

“Totally. It was the most uncomfortable, awesome lay I’ve had to date. My ass was sliding all around the leather seat with each thrust. It was absolutely epic!”

“Oh my god, you are absolutely epic. I can’t believe you were holding that story back from me.”

“I know. I had to. After he blasted in my mouth again, that boy had a serious obsession with that, he made me absolutely promise not to tell a soul. He was so paranoid that he would go to jail.”

“Yeah, you think about it, he is kind of a sick freak.”

“Oh, totally. But he is my sick freak that took my virginity. He’ll always be that. Jason the cherry-popping Jacobs.”

“You’re a sick bitch.”

“Told you I wasn’t that innocent.”

“Well, fuck me.” Angeline said matter of factly.


“Nope,” Angeline grabbed Sammy’s arm. “We here.” They both stopped walking and across the street was Flannery’s Funeral Parlor.

Please to enjoy.

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