The Life of the Garden

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” – Melody Beattie

Like so many things in this world, 2014 has come and gone. And just like 2014 has put a belt around its neck, so have many of our “friends” this past year. We lost Plutarch, Mork, Dot Matrix, a better singer than John Lennon, Diane Szalinski, Jim Rockford, Hollywood, Shaggy, Alice, Richard Gilmore, Eddie Valiant, The Professor, and perhaps my personal favorite – Dr. Egon Spengler. All of these “friends” left us in 2014 for various reasons. For all the various reasons that our friends and family have left us for as far as we can remember or as far back as someone took the time to begin recording it in history.

Even though I am as old as Ryan Dunn now, and I just cataloged all the “friends” that have left us in 2014, I don’t wish this to be a morbid post. I don’t wish this to be an unhappy post. Rather, it can be an inspiring post. A post to help me write what it is to be in 2015. A lot happened in 2014 and a lot didn’t happen in 2014. I think I want a lot more to happen in 2015.

I finished a manuscript in 2014. Perhaps you have heard of it (perhaps you haven’t). When Life Hands you a Lemon. It is the story of Dan Lemon. On the surface, it is a struggle with an obsession with time, after his time obsessed mother passes suddenly when he is 17 years old. When we look inside, it is more about how he lost his faith in god and how he is suddenly confronted with that when the store he works at is robbed and he is taken hostage. The antagonist, Norm, incessantly hounds him life philosophies and what happens to people when they die. I tell the story through flash-back and through Dan’s voice. I hope you can read it one day. It is officially under review for publication. This is a dream for 2015.

While I pursue the dream for Dan to come to life inside your minds while you hold that book in your hands, I am hard at work researching and writing my next book – Mourning Skye. I have given you a couple of sample chapters and hope you have liked the filth so far. It won’t remain that constantly filthy. Yes, there will be some filth, but there is an underlying story there that I hope will be poignant and leave you with something. That is why we do this. Writers are more than entertainers. I don’t want to tell you too much about the next project. It isn’t done. I know the ending. I know the middle. I know the beginning. I just have to figure out the in between.

Another thing that gets me super excited about 2015 is that Kennedy has started to really grow as a creative. She is painting and drawing as much as she can and we recently found her to be writing! Oh, glory days. When you find out you are going to have children you immediately think of the future. What your little bag of organs will grow into and if they will prosper. You have ideas for what they should be and selfishly, you want them to have the same interests as you. She is scribbling songs that she learned from school on her night stand and the other day she wrote us a poem.

Life of the Garden

Life of the Garden

With all of this positivity happening, let’s put all of that death and bullshit behind us. Let’s tighten the belt on 2014 and take our last breath and close our eyes on it. Let’s open our eyes on 2015 and take a big breath and breathe deeply into what it has to offer us. Let’s write that next chapter together. We don’t have to start anew, but we can both get out our pens and script the goals that will make this year more fulfilling than last.

Please to enjoy.

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