The Sun and I have Something in Common

“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.” – Franz Schubert

Scientists say that every 11 years the magnetic fields of the sun flips. South becomes north, north becomes south. The sun does a flip every 11 years. The sun and I have something in common. It has been 11 years since I vowed to marry my best friend, and I feel like doing a flip. How joyous is that? To know that you have something in common with the sun? To know that 11 years later, I get this feeling, deep underneath my T-shirt, underneath chest stubble, inside my placated heart to jump out of my chair and do a flip. My best friend makes me want to flip out – oh, in the best way possible.

Her eyes are the softest brown, caring in their gaze, approving in their wonder. She was kind enough to gift them to our daughter. I see my best friend in our daughter. Wow, do the heart strings play when I look deep into our daughter’s eyes and I see those eyes that I stared into 11 years ago today, tuning out Jon Turner as he read the wedding that I wrote for my friends and family. He face is soft and feminine, holding on to her youth, it’s hard to believe the beauty and symmetry of her face. I’ve woken up in the morning many times, not believing that she was there next to me, beautiful in her state of slumber. This fat, apathetic and tepid mess, landed a thin, loving and full of life 10.

We have fun together. We love to have fun together. I think that is why, like the sun, I want to do flips. I live a dream. We don’t put importance on unimportant things. I know that is a subjective claim, but subjectivity is a purely human thing. When I say that we don’t put importance on unimportant things, I mean that. We don’t stress on material things. Life is life and it is going to deal you a hand, why stress about that? We stress on the human side of things. The important things. We vowed to be each other’s best friends and biggest fans. No matter where life takes us, we just know that we will have each other’s backs.

This is why I love this woman so much. She doesn’t just have my back, but she truly lives her life not stressing about unimportant things. She is truly an empathetic woman who cares deeply about the feelings of others and how to make the world we live in a friendlier place to be. Her philosophy in life doesn’t include payment for favors – rather I will do this for you, because you are in need of help. God, the world could use more people like her. God, I’m lucky I have her. I know her friends love her. Her friends fall madly in love with her. How could you not? Her heart has so much room for love in it.

One thing that endears me to her (like it’s just one thing, but entertain me) is anything she watches on television, she will eventually shed a tear. I shouldn’t say anything. Tosh.0 or Impractical Jokers may not make her cry. Well, maybe Impractical Jokers – but those are tears of joy. But, yes, nearly anything she watches, she will cry. I find it absolutely precious and it makes that place deep underneath my T-shirt, underneath my chest stubble, inside my placated heart smile and emote. Contrary to belief, it isn’t totally cold in there. There is still life in there. She gets involved in the story arcs of the show and starts to feel for these characters and becomes saddened if something happens to them, good or bad, and it’s that quality that I find totally humbling. I aspire to be like that.

This isn’t exclusive to watching television either. For those of you that don’t know, our son had a food condition (for lack of adjectives that fully describe it) called F-PIES. Essentially, he could not ingest any food prepared with cow’s milk. If he did, two hours later he would begin a vomiting cycle until he would basically pass out from dehydration and shock. It’s horrible, we know. In relative terms, he had it mild. The good news about F-PIES is that children tend to grow out of it by the time they turn five. One thing that she gifted to our son is his tenacious stubbornness. He has grown up not being able to eat anything prepared with milk, so he basically ate chicken fingers and french fries everywhere we went. Well, we had gone out to eat the night before and he ordered his usual and then we went out the next day. I wanted him to move on a grow, like a father does, and told him he has to order something else. He chose the mac & cheese. The mac & cheese came and he dove his fork in and took a bite. Immediately tears came to her eyes. Her beautiful soft, caring, approving, brown eyes.

I looked at her and man, did that make me happy! Here we were, 11 years later and my best friend was moved to tears because of the progress of another human being. 11 years ago I found a true friend. I’m so happy. I have a true friend in my wife. How lucky am I? In 11 years, when I am the ripe age of 45, I will flip again. The only thing I ask is that you have your phone nearby in the event that I break something. And if I make it to 56, 67 or 78 – you better believe I’ll at least try.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Please to enjoy.

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