The Sun is Ours

“Disaster is a natural part of my evolution toward tragedy and dissolution.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Good day, friends. I have not written poetry in quite a while, so I am recommitting myself to the craft. I apologize for the crudeness that these first several hundred will be. It has been years, but it used to be a great passion of mine. So, naturally, you get to be my test subjects and fine readers. That is why I love you. Who knows…if you turn out to show some interest, I may even package some of the less shitty ones together into a fancy little package and make them available to you. Thank you as always and let me know how I am doing.

The Sun is Ours

The sun is mine
The sun will shine
Over acres of fields – green and desolate
Over acres of fields – barren and desperate

Arms wave in the air, in anxiety driven aspirations
Though, ambitions were never high
It was the children that were always high
They were high on asphyxiations

A generation lost to flickering lights
and pointless calorie fights
This generation is lost in perpetual suicide
Progress squandered, the older generation lied

Eyes light up when they see a glimpse of humanity
But then their eyes close quickly, you see
Because the older generation is killing me
And then they lose faith on everything and turn to philosophy

They learn the sun isn’t ours
And neither are the stars
We become isolated in the fields – so grey and frail
We stand alone in the field – filled with hate and betrayal

A day will come that we will rise from the disillusion
We’ll actually walk hand in hand
You and I, together on the sand
We’ll become one in the face of this dissolution


Please to enjoy.

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