The Song was Happy

The Song was Happy

“The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular cause for being happy except that they are so.” – William Ralph Inge

With open arms
she looked to the sky
and sang
a beautiful song.

I did not recognize the
I did not recognize the

But, as she looked to the sky
and as she sang
I joined in with her
and sang along.

As the lyrics rolled off of
my tongue
my eyes
immediately swelled.

I tried to look through the pools
of the salty waters, that were
gathering above my eyelids,
but it was difficult to see.

The song was blinding me.
A celestial blinding,
the quintessence
cascading through  body.

When I was able to peer through
the fractals,
I saw another join in the

They did not know the
They did not know the

But when they saw her outstretched
and when they saw my filling

they suddenly knew every word.
They did not fall dead at their
They came to life as they passed their

And then my vision cleared.
I saw more of them.
They started to gather around.

Suddenly, this
that started out as this woman’s
came to life.

It was being broadcast in stereo.
Basses and trebles and mids
echoed across the land
and the woman sang there,

with open arms.

We all sang.
And we were happy.
She was happy.
The song was happy.

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