She Was the World’s

She Was the World’s

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” – Dalai Lama

A sweet droplet
falls from the sky.
It falls and falls,
a child wonders why.

Her curious eye
reflects the tiny bead.
Her iris contracts,
showing her more than she’ll ever need.

She continues to look to the sky,
her heavy head swiveling here and there.
Where did this come from?
She looked around everywhere.

Another droplet, heavier than the first
lands on her arm.
She looks to mom with eyes wide,
she giggles as she knew it meant no harm.

Another drop another giggle.
It was pleasant and warm.
The sweet droplets were multiplying,
they were beginning to swarm.

Her eyes grew bright
as her pig tails flew.
She jumped with all her might
and her innocent grin grew.

Her socks drank the water
as her feet crashed down.
She bent at the waist
to look at leaf that had drown.

She picked it up
and held it in her hand.
She smiled, as she was
the happiest girl in the land.

The leaf was hers
and she was the world’s.
Playing in the rain,
she was the happiest, little girl.

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