We are Explorers

We are Explorers

“I want every day to be life for the living, not just traipsing through it existing. I’m just interested in life and the world and exploring.” – Queen Latifah

We are Explorers

My fingertips
look at the peaks and valleys
in your skin
and a giggle hits my teeth
and falls over my mouth
as a teardrop trickles over my eyelid.

The droplet was happy.

It was wet.

It laughed
and danced
and sang
as it slid down my cheek
over my chin
and then onto my chest.

Your fingertips
play in the puddle
that my eye rain had created.

You splash and jump in the puddle
and wipe away the happiness
from my chest.

The morning frolic has you overcome with joy
and you cannot control yourself
so you take your lips
and open my lips with them
and rescue my tongue from my mouth.

My skin gets the same peaks and valleys
that your skin has
but your fingertips know this.

They explore them
like any explorer would.

I explore yours.

Today, in the rain,
we are explorers.

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