The Colors of the Rainbow

The Colors of the Rainbow

“If the world’s a veil of tears, Smile till rainbows span it.” –  Lucy Larcom

The Colors of the Rainbow

I saw so many colors on Saturday –
cool colors
mellow colors
warm colors.

No matter what color they were they were
and gay.

I saw so many magnificent minds
lighting up the street with the
hunger of humanity
eagerly enveloping everyone in earshot.

Yes, friends,
it was a sight to behold
it was a sight to believe
it was a sight to bestow.

We discussed
life, love and laughter.
We never discussed the hereafter.

When you are out and about
and living in the now,
you don’t think about the
harm in humanity.

The moment is wrapped in permanence,
if only for a fleeting moment.

On Saturday we were all
and gay.

I only saw two colors on Sunday –
they were dark and
they were cold.

A few hours earlier we were waiting
for life to take us in its wings.
We were ready to keep
living and loving and laughing.

We were
singing and dancing and exalting.

Our song, our dance, our praises
will go on and fade to
a new song, a new dance, a new day.

For some
Sunday was the last dance.
It was the last song.
It was the last day.

Always remember your last song,
remember the warm feeling
remember your connection to humanity.

Remember to keep on laughing and loving and living.

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  1. Well said!


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