I smiled

I smiled

“Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.” – Bob Dylan

I Smiled

I was sitting in the field
just the other day.
The air was soft and it carefully caressed my
maturing face.

I smiled when I looked to the sky.

It was a high sky,
it was a kind sky,
it was my sky.

I took a deep breath and squinted
as the rays of the sun slipped serenely through
the spaces of my fingers
as I held my hand over my eyes – protecting them.

I smiled when I looked down from the sky.

I put my hand down behind me
to support the weight of my maturing body.
The grass was soft and carefully caressed my
ageless fingers.

There was a family frolicking in the field
maybe a hundred yards are so from me.

They were two children
and each one of them looked like the other
and each one of them looked like their father
and their mother.

I smiled when I saw them  pointing to the sky.

The father and the mother noticed an airplane
that was dancing overhead.
They looked down to their children and then pointed it out
in the high and kind sky.

They smiled a bigger smile than I smiled.

Their eager little hearts were filled with the fantasies of flying
and they started running through the field
their arms now wings.

The mother and the father joined the chorus of the smiling
and without speaking, they took flight in the field –
their arms wings, their mouths propellers.

I smiled when I looked to the sky.

A short flight in the afternoon
will live in that family’s heart forever.
I smile because it will live in my heart forever as well.

I put my hand over my eyes so that I could see the dancing airplane.
As it flew out of sight, I smiled and calmly sighed
and lay my head in the soft grass,
adoring my new memory.

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  1. I like it. Nice and peaceful


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