One Dream

One Dream

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” –  A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

One Dream

One day I had a dream.

I didn’t know that I would wake up
more than ten years later
and realize I was still dreaming.

It is a lucid dream
that only I could dream
it would seem.

I’m sure others tried to dream
the same thing,
but their dreams are just that –


Mine is something more,
something greater.
It’s something that makes you
feel butterflies and tingles.

Each time I close my eyes
my breath is taken away.

Each time I open my eyes
my breath is held hostage.

Through the trees
and into the mountains,
or through the doors
and into the tavern,
it does not matter.

It does not matter
because you are there
in each one of my dreams,
each moment of lucidity.

I only had one dream.

And I believed

if I could close my eyes hard enough,
my dream could last longer than
the star’s glow that we see
each night before we dream.

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