The Ocean

The Ocean

“Never underestimate the power of the ocean.” – Heidi Klum

The Ocean

Your salty, sweet lips
kissed my neck –
sending peaks and valleys
down the center of my skin.

And then you fade away
leaving me
with each grain of sand.

But wait –
you come back
you run up to me and
fall at my feet, kissing each toe
before you rise up and kiss my hand
with your sweet, salty lips.

And then you fade away
leaving me
will come back.

And then
with languid loyalty
you do come back and
seduce me with your warmth
and allow me to enter you inch by
inch until your wetness envelopes me.

Once inside of you
you kiss me again
first on my neck again
and then on my face –
leaving a moist impression
on my skin.

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