No Substance

No Substance

“Average working people need more fresh starts. Big corporations, banks, and Donald Trump need fewer.” – Robert Reich


No Substance

The brain fires and seizes
as the stimulation saturates
every inhibition that is inconsequential.

Discussions become debilitating –
rendering you a child.

Solutions guaranteed to separate.

No substance
where substance is needed.

Robbing the hood
instead of embracing Robin Hood.

Fully intoxicated,
under the influence,
out of control
to connect to your peers.

Treat the elite
more elite.

Treat the poor

Don’t care about
Offending the
Noetics and every other
Lie to and
Denigrate everyone

That can
Reasonably call themselves a person.
Mocking the
Physically unable

In a way that
Shames one of the greatest

Societies is
To any human being.

We see through the
bloodshot eyes,
the dripping nose,
the unquenchable thirst.

We see through You.

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