We Are Not Privileged

We Are Not Privileged

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” – Dalai Lama

Swiftly, shakily, steadily I slide down the sleep induced slurry of the sewage spitting out of strangers mouths. I can’t seem to find my way away from the increasing idiocracy of America. My prolific posterior is becoming bruised from the constant onslaught of condescension within our communities. One idea after the other. One feeling after the other. One conversation after the other. One belief after the other is met with such hatred and delusion – but this delusion has become an allusion of elusion.

We are running. We are running from everything we do not understand. We don’t understand what we don’t understand. It’s easier to not understand. For if we don’t understand we could never be held accountable. If you cannot be held accountable, then the status quo is blissfully adequate. Not acceptable – just adequate.

By building these silos, we are no longer a nation of neighbors. Our faces are buried behind the screens. Our blue faces have developed a furrowed brow and our smiles have traveled south. Our thumbs mindlessly, absently scroll to the next story. The next status. The next pic. The next hashtag. And we blindly press share. We didn’t read the article. We don’t have time for that. We liked the headline. We liked the idea. We shared an idea. That idea was met with hatred and delusion.

We no longer have ideas. They have been taken from us. They have been stolen from us. Ideas are subjective idioms that are becoming increasingly illegal in this industrious aristocracy. For, if you have the means, you may possess ideas. If you cannot afford ideas, then you may not garner them. How dare you think that you could think for yourselves. You are not a person. How could you be a person? You do not hold privilege through poverty. You do not hold anything through poverty.

And that is where you are preferred – without tangible and intangible possessions. So, you turn towards the sky to find tangible answers to intangible questions. And your heart is warmed. It’s warmed by joining a community that shares ideas. It’s warmed by upholding these ideas. You have found an answer to all of your prayers. Finally there is a community that takes you in and gives you hope that your ideas are affordable. You speak of acceptance and love toward your fellow humans.

Unless they don’t look like, speak like, or believe like you. And then, the circle of life spins with tornadic force. Your community has found a way to bring you in. You blindly pressed share without taking the time to read the article to see what the idea was based in. And now, since you have a community that looks like, speaks like, and believes like you do, you have ended the conversation.┬áNo longer can you reach out to anyone that has not been included in your community. It’s gated.

These gates are locked to anyone that doesn’t have the privilege to pass through the arbitrary threshold. They have been closed to those of us who do not fit the definitions of the safe society. We are not privileged. We don’t look like, speak like, or believe like you. So, therefore, we are closed from this exclusive club. Our members rights have been revoked. We cannot, in good faith, share ideas. We do not blindly share – so we cannot share.

All of this makes me incredibly sad. Many of you know this, but one of my favorite things in this life is to share ideas. Oh, how magical it is! Could you imagine a world in which we can sit around a campfire, sit around a bar, sit around a table, sit around a park, sit around a cabin, sit around a dock, sit around a street corner, sit around a high-rise, sit around our homes and freely exchange ideas? How incredibly lonely it must feel to believe in exclusion. Exclusion has become an allusion of elusion.

I get sad because I believe in inclusion. An altruistic vision of humanity has been retarded by the few that value materials more than the well-being of our brothers and sisters. We are all brothers and sisters. Whether chosen or not, we all belong to the same lineage that crawled from the sea so many years before us. What makes me sad is that we don’t care for our family anymore. We care about our screens and uniformity. We care about ourselves in the name of others. We have become egoistic narcissists that hide behind flags and books. We no longer care. This apathetic approach has led us to blindly share which has led us to blindly judge which has led us to blindly hate which has led us to blindly discriminate. Deaf and blind and dumb and born to follow.

My prolific posterior has learned to take the pounding of putrid parishioners, hateful heretics, apathetic atheists, and unapologetic agnostics. But, it makes me sad that I cannot sit down and have a conversation with these fellow brothers and sisters of mine. We have a lot to learn from each other. We have a lot to give each other. We have a lot of lives to love. You only die once. Unless you close the gates to your community. Once those gates are closed, you die every time one of your brothers or sisters are left behind. Each brother or sister opens the door to endless ideas and wonder.

For those of you still reading, I welcome your ideas. I welcome your conversation. I welcome you. Please to meet you. My name is Mike and I am a fellow human. I love you.

Please to enjoy.

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